IR1155 IR1155S IR1155SPBF 保证进口原装现货假一赔十
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IR1155 IR1155S IR1155SPBF 保证进口原装现货假一赔十

来源:霍芯电子    时间:2017-03-04

The μPFC IR1155 power factor correction IC, based on IR proprietary "One 

Cycle Control" (OCC) technique, provides for high PF, low THD and 

excellent DC Bus regulation while enabling drastic reduction in component 

count, PCB area and design time as compared to traditional solutions. The 

IC is designed to operate in continuous conduction mode Boost PFC 

converters with average current mode control over 85-264VAC input line 

voltage range. Switching frequency can be programmed to anywhere 

between 48kHz to 200kHz based on the specific application requirement. 

In addition, IR1155 offers several advanced system-enabling and protective 

features such as dedicated pin for over voltage protection, cycle by cycle 

peak current limitation, open loop protection, VCC UVLO, soft-start and 

micropower startup/sleep-mode with IC current consumption less than 

200µA. The sleep mode, invoked by pulling the OVP/EN pin low, enables 

compliance with standby power requirements mandated by regulations 

such as Energy Star, Green Power, Blue Angel etc


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